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ASH Membership Information

Membership in the ASH is open to all those who have undertaken and accomplished meritorious original scientific investigation in the field of hypertension and/ or related cardiovascular disease. It is also open to those involved in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and related cardiovascular disease, as well as those with a demonstrated serious interest in the field.

The annual dues for Regular Members are $150.00 for those individuals from the United States and Canada, and $175.00 for individuals worldwide. The Gulf Central chapter annual dues are $25.00.

The Society also provides a special non-voting membership category, Members-in-Training, for fellows, residents, medical students, and graduate students. The annual dues for this category of membership are $75.00 for all individuals anywhere in the world.


Gulf Central Chapter Benefits

  • Exposure to leading edge research and education in hypertension and cardiovascular disease in the Gulf Central region

  • Multiple networking opportunities with your local health professionals in hypertension

  • Annual Meeting to address local clinical and socioeconomic issues for those individuals involved in treatment strategies for patients with hypertension and cardiovascular disease

National ASH Society Benefits

  • Recognition as a member of the largest professional medical Society in the United States that serves as the leading forum for discussion, debate and dissemination of scientific information and clinical treatment strategies for hypertension, linking blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

  • Active participation in an organization influencing hypertension and cardiovascular health research and education.

  • Association and interaction with recognized national and international scientific and clinical investigators and health professionals in hypertension

  • Membership Subscription to the The Journal of Clinical Hypertension (JCH) and The Journal of the American Society of Hypertension (JASH)

  • Reduced Member registration fee – 50% or more – for the ASH Annual Scientific Meeting, the largest scientific forum in the United States for hypertension and cardiovascular health

  • Reduced Member registration fees for other Society-sponsored Continuing Medical Education (CME) events, e.g., Rotating Regional Symposia, Chapter Annual Meetings, Clinical Hypertension Review Courses, etc.

  • Eligibility to sponsor candidates for the Annual Research Award, the Annual Young Scholar Awards and Annual Recognition Awards for Young Investigators.

  • Eligibility for membership in Regional Chapters and related local hypertension outreach programs.

  • Listing in the on-line Membership Directory on the ASH Website.

  • Access to Member Section on ASH Website.

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